When real pro needed

Increase online store sales

on the PrestaShop engine
Increase customer flow
Increase conversion into paid orders
Increase average purchase value
Reduce the cost for getting leads
Increase the purchase frequency of a single customer
Create more contact points with customers

We use only the latest web development technology.

Learn how to increase sales in your store by 20-300%!

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What exactly we do for your store

to increase sales

Improving the structure of the site and expand the functionality

Develop modules of any degree of complexity for solving non-standard tasks in your business. Perform integration with third-party services.

Add a selling design and redo the advertising content.

Only design allows you to sell more and more! Due to the correct packaging of your business you achieve maximum customer loyalty to your product.

Develop a lead capture system and lead generation pages.

For making more money – cut down advertising expenses with the sound Leadgen! This will allow you to increase the number of contacts with prospective customers without repeat costs!

Set customer traffic and do the conversion

We will help you correctly set up analytics tracking of all incoming traffic and on the basis of the data obtained we will modify the content of the pages to the maximum!

Individual approach

to working with a separate project
6 years

working on the Prestashop engine.

30+ modules

and self-designed integrations

150+ projects

for customers from the USA, Europe, Russia and CIS countries.

+ 28%

It’s an average increase in sales after working with us.

$300 000+

It is the amount of money saved by clients on advertising after working with us.

Only one

customer at a time. We do not develop several projects at the same time.

Powerfull Page Builder

We have specially developed an intuitive front-end editor that allows you to edit the text and graphic content of the page within seconds in order to make further work with the site easier for users who do not have technical and design skills.

Direct editing

You have just to click on any element and immediately start editing it. Text, pictures, icons, videos, etc. can easily be edited and change the appearance in online mode.

Add content

You can easily add any item to the page. Copy, delete or edit everything in the handy way! You do not need to be a programmer.

Mobile Editor

There is an independent editing of the page for any mobile extensions. This will allow you to adapt the mobile devices’ display as beautifully as possible.

As a result, you get adaptive websites

that are not only beautiful but they do sell great as well

Online Shop + Landing Page

= Landing Shop

Landing Shop is a perfect combination of a classic online store and various types of landing pages.

We invented and began to use this term in 2014, when we realized that classic online stores’ model dramatically loses in the conversion rate to individual pages that focus users’ attention on one product.

We had to develop our own editor, which is now available to you in order to create easily an unlimited number of unique landing pages in design and functionality.

Now your store with PrestaShop can have various structures within the framework of one project

that will convert 200-690% better unlike classic models.
A. Classic Shop
B. Independent Landing pages
C. Catalog with locomotive goods
D. «Fashion magazine»
E. Quiz calculator
F. Quiz Leadgen

Our Works

The official website of the brand in Russia
Premium website design emphasizes the quality and value of the product. Inside the site are used leadgen pages, page quiz, promotional pages.
The design of the main page, the design of internal pages are completely redesigned Reworked and simplified ordering system.
Dirty Emu
Sex Shop
Unique design. The product clearance system has been completely redesigned, the personal account has been reworked, unique modules have been written: menu, callback, blog, personal offers, reviews, ratings, filter and sorting.
Feisty Pets
Online Store
Premium design for the sale of viral goods in Europe. User involvement from the first screen.
Bikini Store
One-page store with a unique design and quick purchase system.

We do all the work on a turnkey basis.

What does it mean?

This means a correct display of store design on all devices and in all browsers with correctly filled product lines, customized acquiring and delivery systems.

All pages where personal users’ data is processed comply with European legislation GDPR.

The site has a micro markup and basic SEO, all goals are configured in Google Analitics and Yandex Metrika as well; the site is totally prepared for promotion.

You will only have to:

Create new password
Drive traffic
Start processing requests

We offer several typical packages

for your convenience



Design: Sample

Adaptive: Yes

Store Type: A, B

Content: 30 pieces

Logo Development: Yes

Delivery Settings


SEO Customization

Operating Training

Development: 7 days



Design: Typical

Adaptive: Yes

Type of store: A, B, E, F

Content: 50 pcs.

All options from economy


Quick order

Apsells in the shopping cart


Development: 12 days



Design: Unique

Adaptive: Yes

Store type: А-F

Content: 500 pcs.

All options from standard

Service Integration

Email Newsletter

Quiz forms

Unique functionality

Development: 30 days



Design: Premium

Adaptive: Yes

Store type: А-F

Content: Full

All options from business

Design for leadgen


Chat Bots

Support: 90 days

Development: 45 days

Contact us if you need

a modern and profitable store with Prestashop
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